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Our Team kolkatashop.com Respecting, Supporting Kolkata Police The Kolkata Police Force is one of the three Presidency Police Forces of the Indian State of West Bengal.




Kolkata Police 161 Years of Service

The pace of change is breathtaking. The challenges are exciting. Kolkata Police has the courage to face them. And the vision. We are preparing for the future with new skills. New technologies. New attitudes. We won't just stand at ease. It's forward march to a great tomorrow. In step with the citizens of Kolkata. Keeping pace with the world.


Message from Commissioner

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Kolkata Police.

Kolkata Police, the oldest Commissionerate in the country with an illustrious history of excellence in all aspects of policing, is committed to its responsibilities towards maintenance of law and order in the city, managing traffic, prevention and detection of crime and spearheading various citizen friendly initiatives for the people of Kolkata.

The challenges before Kolkata Police are many and we are on a day-to-day mission towards meeting the same through a judicious blend of human resources and technological tools. With unimaginable technological advancements over the recent years in all walks of life, alongside the conventional crimes, the nature and character of cybercrime has undergone a sea-change and Kolkata Police has equipped itself to handle the same with razor-sharp professionalism. This apart, embracing technology has empowered us to manage the bustling city traffic through CCTV surveillance of major intersections and a whole lot of other technological interventions.

The first and foremost commitment of ours is towards each and every citizen of this great city and the routine elements of day-to-day policing apart, Kolkata Police feels privileged to be able to lend out a helping hand to the citizens through a host of community policing initiatives that run throughout the year.

I, on behalf of Kolkata Police, assure you of our sincere and unstinted efforts towards serving the city better and solicit your wholehearted cooperation in our journey towards excellence.

Your suggestions and feedback will be most welcome.

Heartiest greetings!


Contact Us

There are many situations where the police can only do their job with the help and co-operation of members of the public who provide vital clues and evidence. Maybe you can help us trace known suspects, find people who are missing, or provide information about one of a number of high priority cases. In such circumstances please contact your local Police Station or sent us an e-mail.

Visitors are welcome to visit Kolkata Police Head Quarters(Lalbazar) for any sorts of query related to Police. They may contact Enquiry section at the Main Entrance Gate to be guided to the appropriate department.

Talk to Us(Toll free numbers)

  • Dial100 > for Emergency
  • Dial 1090 > to give any information to police
  • Dial 1073 > for Traffic related issue

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Kokata Police Head Quarters
18, Lalbazar Street, Kolkata - 700 001
West Bengal, India
EPABX Number: (91-33) 2250-5000