: CESC :

The Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation is the Kolkata's company of the RP Sanjiv Goenka Group, Devoloping from the erstwhile RPG Group, Under the businessman Sanjiv Goenka's Chairmanship.


  • An electrical switch board on a damp wall is a potential shock hazard. Be careful.


  • Never Throw Water in an Electrical Fire.


  • Avoid Un-nessesary Joints in Electric Wiring.


  • During thunder storm keep all electrical gadgets disconnected.


  • Overloading leads to overheating which in turn causes fire.




► Do not use electrical appliances near water or in rain

► Try to barricade waterlogged areas if they are found to be electrified.

► Prevent your children from flying kites or gas-balloons near overhead wire lines.

► Do not spread out wet clothes or anything on the overhead live wire line near your window or verandah.

► Maintain safe distance from any stray wire lying on the ground. It may be live/energized.

► Avoid going in close proximity to an eletrical pole or pillar box body during rain or waterlogging.

► Avoid going close to eletric poles and overhead lines during Nor'westers.

► Avoid staying outdoor and passing under overhead lines when a Nor'wester is raging.


► Never touch a switch with wet hands

.► Never turn on an electrical appliance when you are standing on a wet floor or in wet condition.

► If any appliance or tool causes an eletric shock, switch it off first and then pull the plug out of the socket.

► In the event of any eletrical shock in the house, if the source is not identifiable, turn off the main switch (es) as soon as possible. If the condition persists, call an authorised electrician to identify the issue. Further, inform CESC by calling helpline 1912 / 44031912 / 18605001912

► Ensure that all your eletrical appliances, particularly those placed outside the house (e.g., calling bell, water pump, gate light etc.) are protected from water or damp.

► During thunderstorm and lighting, remove the power plug from the wall socket for valuable electrical appliances (e.g., refrigerator, T.V., air conditioners, computer, stereo system, etc.)

► Avoid using electrical shaver operating directly from power socket. The same powered by battery is preferable.

► Avoid using dangling conductors or wires with frayed insulation for any appliance.

► Use RCBO (Residual - current Circuit Breaker with Overload) to ensure better protection of electrical equipment and avoid electrical accidents.


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